Wearable Integrated Technology for Health Monitoring of Hospitalized Patients

The objective of the project is the creation of a wearable multi sensor monitoring device that is comfortable for the hospitalized patients and compatible with the IT infrastructure of the different hospitals of the Euregio Meuse-Rhine. The monitoring device that will be developed will record medical data and analyse it in order to help the medical team to take the most adequate decision for the patient. It will also be able to inform of risk situation via alarms. Eventually the aim is to get a monitoring device validated/demonstrated in a relevant environment. Our research group is involved in the development of the necessary statistical algorithms for the treatment and analysis of the patient-specific data acquired by the monitoring device while incorporating historical information from electronic medical records. A data acquisition will be initiated during the project to calibrate our models. The project was funded by an INTERREG-EMR grant. More information on

  • Funding authority: EU (INTERREG – Euregio Meuse-Rhine)
  • Funding type: EFRO, European fund for Regional development
  • Partners : KU Leuven, Universities of Liège (lead partner), Maastricht and Hasselt, University hospitals of Liège and Maastricht, Centexbel, IMO-IMOMEC